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Reuben Morgan (Hillsong / Australia

“It’s all about wholehearted involvement in the things you believe,” says Reuben. “My wish is that every time we praise God we would touch His heart and from this Bond receive the strength to change the world.”
Reuben Morgan has a passion to see the church and the world inspired to worship God. As a pastor on the Hillsong church leadership team, Reuben works alongside Darlene Zschech. He is an integral leader of the Hillsong church worship team, teaching often in the Worship and Creative Arts program. Leading worship on a weekly basis at Hillsong church, Reuben was the Youth Music Pastor who helped establish ‘Hillsong United’ – currently one of the most popular youth praise and worship bands. He was one of the major producers on four of the United albums including ‘Everyday’, ‘Best Friend’, ‘King Of Majesty’ and ‘To The Ends Of The Earth’. Reuben has written many songs over the past eight years including ‘Lord I Give You My Heart’, ‘My Redeemer Lives’, ‘Hosanna’, ‘ Hear Our Praises’, ‘I Adore You’ and ‘You Said’, which feature on numerous albums, many of which have achieved gold sales status around the world. Many of today’s most successful Christian artists have recorded his songs, including Michael W. Smith, Jeff Deyo, Rita Springer and Robin Mark. Reuben is Australia’s premier Christian songwriter with four of his songs in the top twenty songs most sung in Australian churches. Reuben loves the church and believes that he has a responsibility to use his God-given gifts in leading praise and worship, and writing songs that encourage people to encounter God. He believes that part of his call is to equip and release a greater understanding of worship worldwide. He is married to Sarah and they have a son.

More information: www.reubenmorgan.com or www.hillsong.com

Florence Joy (Germany)

Florence was born to sing. As a four- year-old she sang her first solo in a children’s musical. Right from the beginning, she knew how to captivate her audience, be it as a singer in a Hamburg Gospel choir or on various children’s CDs. Over the years she got several offers from producers interested in her talent. “But the opportunity to seriously work on a career in music never really came along. Then my choir director encouraged me to participate in Star Search,” says Florence. “I thought: This is definitely worth an experience.” In the end, Florence won the German version of the TV show on 20 May 2004.
“God is hope and my hope is Jesus, which is why the title of my album is Hope,” Florence explains. The album was released in July 2004. In 2008 she got married to the singer Thomas Enns.

More information: www.florencejoy.de

Noel Richards (Great Britain)
Noel has been involved in the UK Christian music scene since the age of 15. In the early years, he worked full-time as an associate with British Youth for Christ. Over the last 20 years, he has mainly been involved in leading worship and, together with his wife Tricia and others, has written many worship songs. Perhaps the best known of these is ‘All Heaven Declares’.

In 1986, Noel began to get envisioned about large worship events taking place in football stadiums. This resulted in him organizing ‘Champion of the World’ at London’s Wembley Stadium, with an attendance of almost 45,000, making it the biggest contemporary worship event ever staged in that venue. Since 1997, Noel and his team have set their sights on stadium events in other nations. On 15 July 2006 the Calling All Nations event took place in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, Germany.
Having produced a number of solo albums since 1986, Noel has also collaborated with two other worship leaders, Wayne Drain (USA) and Brian Houston (Ireland). Together they recorded and toured under the band name ‘The Hudson Taylors’.

More information: www.noelrichards.com

Tré Sheppard (Onehundred Hours / USA/Ireland)
Faith, hope and rock ‘n’ roll. Not three things you’d immediately associate with each other. However, with Onehundredhours they merge into one story, one sound.
Onehundredhours started by chance – a one-off gig that led to their first tour in California – but the grand design is evident since then: 2 independent releases selling more than 16,000 copies with no major distribution or support, and 2 releases with Survivor Records described as “blistering” and “something of a masterpiece”. Their hectic touring schedule has taken them all over the UK, as well as to Hungary, Norway, Finland, Holland, Denmark, South Africa, Romania, Canada, India, Australia plus several tours in the United States. They have had hundreds of gigs in front of tens of thousands, a live experience often described as simply ‘life changing’.
Tré is married to Tori and they have two children. The band is actively involved in the battle against HIV/AIDS in Africa in collaboration with Engage HIV AIDS and iThemba AIDS foundation, bringing hope to people infected with the virus.
The name Onehundredhours:
The band’s name comes from the average amount of free time a Christian has each week, inspired by the book ‘The Other Hundred Hours’, by Wyn Fountain. There are 7 x 24 = 168 hours in a week. If you spend 8 hours a day sleeping, this makes 7 x 8 = 56 hours per week. So, subtracting the time spent sleeping, this leaves 112 hours a week. 12 hours is about the maximum time one spends in church, at bible studies or youth groups. That leaves 100 hours of free time. What the band wanted to say is that these 100 hours need not be without God, but instead that worship should be a lifestyle that is reflected in all our time.

More information: www.onehundredhours.com

Buleiwa Bomela (iThemba / South Africa)

iThemba is a multiracial theater group made up of young South Africans. They present a message of hope through racial healing and reconciliation. In schools and youth clubs, they put on drama, perform choreographed dance moves and share about how God has touched them in their own lives. They work closely with Youth for Christ, Germany.

More information: www.ithemba.de